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Picture of the productDavis-Bacon Compliance Manual - 5th Edition

The Davis-Bacon Compliance Manual for Federal & Federally Assisted Construction - 5th Edition is a must-have for any contractor with existing or prospective federal or federally assisted construction contracts. This tool provides concise, practical information about the prevailing wage requirements and compliance principles of the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts. This manual is user-friendly and includes modern examples, references to recent court cases and many examples and sample formulas in a contractor-friendly format.

Author: Deborah E.G. Wilder; Soft Cover; 186 pages

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Picture of the productFederal Government Contractor: Ethics & Compliance Programs

A meaningful Ethics and Compliance Program can help prevent potential issues of non-compliance. In addition, agency Inspector Generals and Justice Department attorneys will examine a contractor's Ethics and Compliance Program to determine if the company implemented it in substance or just in form. If the record demonstrates that the contractor sought to reinforce its program on a continuous basis, that record may help mitigate the penalty for a failure to comply with the multitude of laws and regulations. In contrast, the lack of an Ethics and Compliance Program or one that merely offers lip service to the expected standard of business ethics and conduct will substantially increase the risk of a violation, as well as civil and criminal penalties or debarment.

Combining checklists, forms, tables, and business ethics training materials, this publication will help contractors appreciate the grounds for an alleged violation of the expected standards of business conduct and ethics and to develop, implement, and document an effective Ethics and Compliance Program in order to mitigate, if not avoid, issues of non-compliance.

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Picture of the productAffirmative Action Manual for Construction

This 3rd Edition, published 2013, manual covers the affirmative action requirements that are unique to contractors performing federal and federally assisted construction contracts. Each requirement is thoroughly discussed - from the notification of award, to the groups protected by Executive Order 11246, “good faith efforts,” the sixteen steps, subcontractors, record retention, obligations to veterans and disabled workers, Drug-Free Workplace Act mandates, record keeping, and what to expect in a compliance review. Standard equal opportunity clauses, notices, model policies and programs are included in the appendices to assist contractors in complying with all the elements required by federal affirmative action mandates.

Updates cover OFCCP’s NEW disability and veterans rules, auditing practices of construction contractors, new enforcement directives & more!

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Picture of the productDVD: Diversity Rules: Harassment Prevention Training
Short enough to be presented during an on-the-job toolbox session, the video for workers includes 7 video vignettes that address issues such as sexual harassment (including sexual orientation and transgender status), age harassment, gender harassment (including family responsibilities), racial harassment and religious harassment. The video for supervisors includes all of the scenarios in the worker video, plus three additional videos that show supervisors how to handle tough conversations with workers about harassment and how to avoid inadvertently discriminating against workers. Click Here for a Preview

This 2014 video is now available for licensing. If interested, please contact our Marketing Manager at

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Picture of the productDiversity & Inclusion (D&I) Assessment

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Assessment is an online benchmarking tool developed specifically for construction firms to measure and improve the management of their current diversity & inclusion programs, policies, and practices. Your company will be asked to answer performance-based questions in four key areas of diversity and inclusion:

  • Workplace
  • Workforce
  • Vendors (Subcontractors/Suppliers)
  • Community

Upon completion, companies will be able to analyze results, measure progress, and download best practice resources to expand D&I efforts. As the Assessment becomes widely used, companies will also be able to benchmark their practices against other firms in the construction industry. For more information, please read our FAQ’s here.

After purchase, go to and log in with your AGC username and password to access the D&I Assessment. Users will be granted access to the platform for 12 months from the date of purchase.  A new subscription purchase will be required every 12 months to maintain access to both the current year and prior year’s results.

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